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Common Questions

What is the first step of the home buying process?

If you are thinking about buying a home, the first thing you want to do is to obtain a pre-approval from a lender.  The pre-approval will serve as a  guide on how much you can afford to spend on a new home.  Also, sellers look for a pre-approval letter when considering different offers.  Showing that you are able to obtain the financing needed to purchase the home will help increase the likelihood of your offer being accepted.

When buying a home, should I order a home inspection?

Yes!  You even need an inspection on a newly constructed home.  No matter what shape a home appears to be in to you, there are specific things at which an inspection is trained to look.  Remember, this will probably be the most expensive purchase you make.  Getting an inspection before purchasing will help to insure the quality of you investment.  In Texas, home inspectors should be licensed by the state, so make sure to ask if an inspector is licensed before hiring.

What percentage of the final home sale price do you charge?

The commission charged on the sale of your home is always open for negotiation and will be decided when you agree to list your home with me.

Are you a buyer?  Then don't worry - all commissions are paid by the seller.  My services will cost you nothing!

Do I need a real estate lawyer as well?

You are more than welcome to have an attorney as part of your buying or selling process.  It is especially important to obtain the advice of an attorney if there are questions you have about the offers and agreements presented to you.  If you have questions, make sure you consult a real estate attorney prior to signing any documents.

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